May 13


Sparc is bringing Over The Edge to Springfield and we want you to get involved!

Founded in 1951, Sparc’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by enabling them to successfully live, learn, work and socialize in the community.

At Sparc, the folks we support continue to remind us that hard work, being productive and giving back to society are traits that are respected and admired. They remind us to look out after those whose fears and challenges may be greater than our own;  in return we offer each of them the encouragement they need to face their challenges and fears head on.

Do you Dare face your challenges and fears?

Sign up today and commit to raising $1000 and rappelling down The Abraham Lincoln Hotel!



Event Details:
Date: May 13, 2017
Location: The Abraham Lincoln Hotel - 701 E Adams St

How do I participate?
Register to become an Edger
Set up your personal fundraising page
Fundraise $1000 by May 13, 2017
Rappel down the side of a building!

Are you brave enough?


Name Amount Non-Profit
Rosanne Boik $335 Sparc
Paula Cowan $235 Sparc
Steven Dove $85 Sparc
Angela Dyer $665 Sparc
Mary Lynn Gietl Deloney $1460 Sparc
Mandi Hayden $1610 Sparc
Chris Henderson $810 Sparc
Leigh Hope $835 Sparc
Owen Johnston $1110 Sparc
mickie kendrick $235 Sparc
Kenneth Liss $385 Sparc
James Mack $85 Sparc
Sam McCann $115 Sparc
Travis Molloy $435 Sparc
Joyce Nardulli $2583 Sparc
Jake Nardulli $600 Sparc
Dan Nelson $85 Sparc
Jared Owen $1940 Sparc
Tyler Pence $305 Sparc
Ron Pettit $1210 Sparc
Tim Rigby $1105 Sparc
Denise Schainker $1145 Sparc
amy schmidt $1585 Sparc
Jason Schnepp $1517.66 Sparc
Gail Sciarra $85 Sparc
Shawn Scott $435 Sparc
Jerry Selsor $1405 Sparc
Kristin Shaughnessy $400 Sparc
Jamie Stone $1035 Sparc
Mary Trask $2005 Sparc
Brandon VonLiski $725 Sparc
greg winhold $595 Sparc
Larry Yocum $1635 Sparc
Damian Zimmerman $1246 Sparc

Sponsor a participant I want to participate

$30,042 Raised

$80,000 Goal