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June 30


Founded in 1951, Sparc continues to enrich the lives of more than 500 individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities by enabling them to successfully live, learn, work and socialize in the community.

Sparc is offering a unique event that stands high above the rest. Over The Edge challenges 100 participants to raise a minimum of $1000 for individuals with developmental disabilities in order to rappel 157 ft. down the side of the Abe Lincoln hotel. So, catch your breath, step up to the edge and rappel with us on Saturday, June 30th 2018, downtown Springfield.

At Sparc we ask the individuals we support to face their fears & challenges everyday… Are you willing to face your fears and help raise money for the individuals supported by Sparc?



Name Amount Non-Profit
Heather Anderson $85 Sparc
Casey Conn $85 Sparc
Bill Conover $385 Sparc
Joan Renee Davis $1535 Sparc
J'ne Erlenbush $435 Sparc
Linda Fenski $185 Sparc
Robert Figurski $1087 Sparc
Vaska Figurski $360 Sparc
Erin Gheen $295 Sparc
Michael Horn $85 Sparc
Ryan McKennedy $580 Sparc
Stacey McLaughlin $160 Sparc
Jared Owen $1200 Sparc
Ron Pettit $1051 Sparc
Sparc Raffle $51 Sparc
Tim Rigby $335 Sparc
Brandon Vonliski $260 Sparc

$8,174 Raised

$80,000 Goal