Ryan McKennedy - Sparc

June 30

Go Over The Edge with Ryan! My name is Ryan McKennedy and I am going to be going Over The Edge in June. I will be rappelling off the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield, IL to raise money for SPARC; an organization that means a lot to our family. My little brother Cody has been going there for many years now. He participates in their work program and his life would definitely be different without SPARC. It is my turn to do something in return!

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Ryan McKennedy 85 Apr/03/2018
Candace Powers 25 Apr/03/2018
Emily Seddon 10 Apr/03/2018
15 Apr/04/2018
Joe Bulinski 50 Apr/04/2018
Jocelyn and Hazel Nation 50 Apr/08/2018
connie willoughby 50 Apr/10/2018
Anne Rolstad 25 Apr/11/2018
Julie stauthammer 25 Apr/11/2018
Caitlin Pollard 20 Apr/11/2018
Daryl & Kelly Freeze 50 Apr/11/2018
Mike Lehman 50 Apr/11/2018
Wayne&Sheryl Dowling 50 Apr/12/2018
Molly McKennedy 50 Apr/15/2018
Pat&Patty Butler 25 Apr/17/2018
Ryan Taylor 25 Jun/10/2018
Stacy Shymansky 100 Jun/22/2018
Thea Jorgensen 15 Jun/28/2018
Anonymous 50 Jun/28/2018
Whitney Thompson 15 Jun/29/2018
Lisa McKennedy And Grammy 100 Jun/30/2018

$885 Raised

$1,000 Goal