Ron Pettit - Sparc

June 30

Go Over The Edge with Ron! I feel fortunate to be able to go over the edge for folks that may not have that opportunity. I know that each dollar I raise will go to support programs for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Ron Pettit 85 Feb/07/2018
tim branham 100 Feb/19/2018
Kevin Miller 50 Feb/20/2018
Emma Ellie 25 Feb/20/2018
Mike Dudley 100 Mar/03/2018
RCM Co-op 100 Mar/05/2018
Ty Turek 50 Mar/06/2018
Smith Plumbing 100 Mar/08/2018
Ken Owens 25 Mar/16/2018
PH Broughton 100 Mar/21/2018
Ann Ryan 10 Apr/10/2018
Jill Schroeder 15 Apr/18/2018
Monica Weakley 10 Apr/18/2018
Chris Henderson 25 Apr/19/2018
Franklin Coble DVM 100 May/04/2018
Gary King 75 May/07/2018
Derrick Stevens 31 May/09/2018
Athens State Bank 50 May/22/2018
Athens State Bank 10 May/24/2018
Heather Sobieski 100 May/29/2018
Rick/Diana Underwood 50 Jun/16/2018
Dennis Ryan 250 Jun/28/2018
Rebecca Bailey 10 Jun/28/2018

$1,471 Raised

$1,000 Goal