Owen Johnston - Sparc

May 13

Go over the edge with Owen! Well, I agreed to do this if they ever pulled it off, and low and behold they did. Now I have to look over the edge of a perfectly good building and go over, all while hoping that they managed to tie of the ropes accordingly. What's the worst that can happen? On top of that, I have to raise some money for SPARC, which is for a great cause. Let's set our sights high... Thanks, and if the ropes don't hold-at least the news will have a lead story... Owen

Help me meet my $2500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Owen Johnston 85 Feb/04/2017
Jeanne Johnston 50 Mar/06/2017
Melissa Beadle 100 Mar/06/2017
Adam Hodges 50 Mar/06/2017
Pat & Lisa Atwell 50 Mar/06/2017
CARL Atwell 100 Mar/06/2017
Eileen Palmer 50 Mar/09/2017
Suzy Atwell 50 Mar/10/2017
Tim Consedine 25 Mar/10/2017
Brian Henzel 100 Mar/16/2017
Darin Leone 250 Apr/10/2017
Dan Keenan 100 Apr/20/2017
Matt Miller 100 Apr/20/2017

$1,110 Raised

$2,500 Goal