Mary Lynn Gietl Deloney - Sparc

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First Name Last Name Amount Date
Mary Lynn Gietl Deloney 85 Mar/02/2017
Dennis Klinc 50 Mar/13/2017
Janice Egizii 50 Mar/15/2017
Lynn Speck 75 Mar/16/2017
Anonymous 100 Mar/16/2017
Shirley Morgan 40 Mar/21/2017
Richard and Barbara Krueger 25 Mar/21/2017
Robin Schmidt 100 Mar/23/2017
Staab Funeral Home 100 Mar/24/2017
Friends of John Fulgenzi 25 Mar/24/2017
Pamela Bultman 25 Mar/24/2017
Gary Defrates 25 Mar/24/2017
Mackenzie Bartolomucci 35 Mar/29/2017
AB Lauer 100 Mar/31/2017
Robert Gomora 100 Mar/31/2017
Geoff Bland 100 Apr/07/2017
Andy Goleman 100 Apr/10/2017
Paul and Suanne Palazzolo 100 Apr/10/2017
Harold Smith 50 Apr/10/2017
Peggy Courtwright 50 Apr/10/2017
Don Gray 50 Apr/11/2017
Tom Cavanagh 50 Apr/11/2017
Evan Kremitzki 25 Apr/15/2017
Larry and Marie Giacomelli 50 Apr/24/2017
Niemczyk Painting and Papering 50 Apr/24/2017
Ken and Sandy Anderson 20 Apr/25/2017
Frank and Cheryl Sugent 50 Apr/25/2017
Frank and Cinda Edwards 50 May/03/2017
Frank and Cinda Edwards 50 May/03/2017
Cathy Sagle 50 May/03/2017
Irvin Smith 50 May/04/2017
John and Carol Webb 100 May/04/2017
Misty Buscher 40 May/07/2017
Hermon Senor 100 May/07/2017
Veronica Annis 20 May/08/2017
Noonan True Value 75 May/08/2017
David and Danielle Anderson 100 May/09/2017
Colin Kremitzki 35 May/14/2017

$2,300 Raised

$1,000 Goal