Jamie Stone - Sparc

Go Over The Edge with Jamie! Hey Friends! Welcome to my fundraising page! I'm excited for year 2 of such a fantastic fundraiser for Springfield. SPARC is such a worthy charity, so please help me to raise a bunch for them! I'm hoping to really bring it....with a great performance and a hefty contribution. My deepest thanks for helping out! And, please...come watch me go Over The Edge on June 30th! Love you all!

Help me meet my $1500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Jamie Stone 85 Feb/05/2017
John Watson 100 Feb/06/2017
Karyn Sampson 50 Feb/08/2017
Jean Winn 100 Feb/22/2017
Lynette Barnett 25 Feb/22/2017
Kimberly Schutzenhofer 50 Feb/22/2017
Karan Stone 200 Feb/22/2017
Diane Newell 50 Feb/22/2017
Sharon Riechers 50 Feb/24/2017
Marian Case 100 Mar/01/2017
Jeff Case 50 Mar/01/2017
Scott Case 50 Mar/01/2017
Magolin Franklin 25 Mar/01/2017
Nicole Willis 25 Mar/20/2017
Gregg Easterly 50 Mar/20/2017
Wendy Fletchet-Altman 25 Apr/04/2017
Sharon Davis 100 May/09/2017
Doug Kern 25 May/13/2017

$1,160 Raised

$1,500 Goal