Greg OConnor - Sparc

Go Over The Edge with Greg! About 18 months ago, we decided here at Sparc to host an event called Over the Edge. Essentially, it is a fundraiser where folks can earn the privilege of rappelling off a tall building by raising $1,000 mainly through sponsorships by friends and family. While I always thought this was a fun and novel fundraiser, I let it be known from the beginning that I would not be participating. My fear of heights prevents me from standing on a chair; I certainly couldn’t bring myself to scale down a 160 foot building. This past Friday evening, the night before the scheduled event, we hosted a reception for the rappellers. My role was to welcome them and explain that every day we ask the folks we support to face their challenges head on, and now we were asking our friends to do the same. As I was speaking, it occurred to me that it takes a jerk of enormous proportions to ask folks to do something you wouldn’t do yourself, so I adlibbed and said “So, tomorrow we will all be jumping off a building”. And on Saturday, I did just that. A photo from that event accompanies this request. Now I’m looking for friends and family to support that effort. The process is fast, easy and secure. I appreciate any support you can provide.

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Greg OConnor 85 May/16/2017
Candace O'Connor 50 May/16/2017
John Kucan 250 May/16/2017
James OConnor 50 May/17/2017
Christina Casgar 50 May/18/2017
Rob OConnor 30 May/23/2017

$515 Raised

$1,000 Goal