Darrell Schaver - Sparc

Go Over The Edge with Darrell! First, thanks for viewing my fundraising page. On May 13, 2017 I will be participating in an Over the Edge event to benefit Sparc. This means with your help in meeting my goal of $1,000 I get the opportunity to walk of a perfectly good building. Wait, I bet they mean rappel off a building. Sparc is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Springfield area. What better reason to do this. Any help you can give to me and more importantly to Sparc is greatly appreciated. In an era of "Buy Local" lets Support Local. Thanks again. Peace

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Darrell Schaver 85 Apr/30/2017
Mark Donaldson 50 Apr/30/2017
Anne Murphy Watson 50 Apr/30/2017
Willy Plummet 25 Apr/30/2017
John Schaver 100 May/01/2017
George & Jill Murphy 25 May/01/2017
Deter 25 May/01/2017
Jan Sponsler 25 May/01/2017
kevin roberts 50 May/01/2017
Nathan Fretz 25 May/01/2017
Michelle Widebeck 25 May/01/2017
Nicole Irlam 25 May/01/2017
Ken Bailey 25 May/01/2017
Joe Bascio 50 May/01/2017
Daniel O'Brien 50 May/01/2017
Kathleen Mentel 50 May/01/2017
Shelia Boozer 50 May/01/2017
Rick Sanders 50 May/01/2017
Patti Booker 25 May/01/2017
Steve Friedman 50 May/01/2017
H. Roger Schaver 100 May/01/2017
Brent 25 May/02/2017
Colleen Murphy 25 May/02/2017
Carol Graham 25 May/02/2017
Robert myers 25 May/02/2017
Mentel's 50 May/02/2017
Helen Murphy 50 May/02/2017
Evelyn Smojver 50 May/02/2017
Terra McParland 25 May/02/2017
Jill Grove 25 May/05/2017
Darla Haley 25 May/05/2017
Cheree Morrison 25 May/08/2017
RICK KIDD 30 May/08/2017
Larry McVey 25 May/09/2017
Heidi Krekel 25 May/11/2017
Anonymous 20 May/11/2017
Ralls Melotte 25 May/12/2017
Mike Grossen 50 May/12/2017
Mark and Denise Kerhilikar 30 May/16/2017
Brenda Dowd 25 May/17/2017

$1,540 Raised

$1,000 Goal