Brandon von Liski - Sparc

June 30

Go Over The Edge with Brandon! My name is Brandon von Liski and thank you for visiting my fundraising page. A little bit about myself… I have lived in a Sparc group home for more than 15 years. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given by my service agency, SPARC, to advocate for others as a past board member of the SPARC board of directors for four years, I advocated for both staff and clients by sharing a client’s perspective of life in the group homes, reviewed behavior intervention plans for SPARC clients to ensure that client rights were protected, and worked on the SPARC Outreach Committee to represent SPARC with client families, the general public and the legislature. Having Asperger’s Syndrome is like living in a shell and, for me, it has been a challenge to come out of that shell. I’ve had difficulty making friends my own age because I could not relate to them. Our interests seemed to be so different. And while I have a good support system, there are times when I am very lonely. As I reflect, I think the hardest part of living with Asperger’s is being perpetually caught between “normal” world and “not-quite-normal” world. This is where I live every day, and often every hour. While I have many strengths, I know I have my deficiencies. Recognizing those deficiencies, I work hard to overcome those challenges. Last year I participated in SPARC’s Over The Edge Fundraiser. Offering you full disclosure, while I am a huge Star Wars fan, I like to have my feet “on the ground”, so rappelling off the top of a building is a big stretch for me. It takes every bit of courage I have to face that fear. I have committed to going Over The Edge once again this year. I will continue to believe that I have something to contribute to society, and refuse to allow barriers that are currently in place to prevent me from making that contribution. I will continue to do what I can to help SPARC move forward, for as long as I can. Please consider helping me reach my goal! I thank you. Brandon.

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First Name Last Name Amount Date
Brandon von Liski 85 May/01/2018
Penny Russel 50 May/07/2018
Jack Elston 25 May/07/2018
Mary Lueking 25 May/07/2018
Amanda Lawler 25 May/23/2018
Jasmine Oliveira 25 May/23/2018
Sue Hamilton 25 May/23/2018
Lisa Kavanagh 50 May/23/2018
Susan Wolfsberger 25 May/24/2018
Amira Sounny-Slitine 25 May/24/2018
Jane Ehrenhart 25 May/24/2018
Friendly Chevrolet 500 May/28/2018
Colin and Rachel Helton 50 May/29/2018
Randall & Mary von Liski 500 Jun/05/2018
Kenneth Liss 50 Jun/12/2018
Mary Ellen Ribble 25 Jun/25/2018

$1,510 Raised

$1,000 Goal