Brandon von Liski - Sparc

Go Over The Edge with Brandon! Welcome to my fundraising page. My name is Brandon VonLiski. I am 33 years old and have lived with Sparc for the past 15 years. Sparc has availed to me the opportunity to experience the outcomes of good choices and as well as experience the consequences of an occasional poor choice. Together these experiences have enriched my life and are allowing me to reach my highest level of independence. Sparc does this for each of the 400 individuals that they support. I am thankful for the progress I have made and I'm also inspired by the progress made by my friends. My reason for committing to descending off of the top of a hotel is rather simple. I am asked to face my fears and challenges everyday along with more than 400 of my friends receiving supports from Sparc. I am determined to face my fear of heights on May 13th by rappelling 157 ft. down the side of the Abe Lincoln Hotel. My goal is to raise $1000, in addition, and equally important to me is raising our communities’ level of awareness about the supports Sparc provides people with development disabilities. My heart smiles knowing that every dollar I raise as a result of my effort will directly impact the support Sparc provides for both me and my comrades. If you want to do something today that is going to make your heart smile - please support me in my effort. Thank you - Brandon

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Brandon von Liski 85 Mar/16/2017
Jared Owen 25 Mar/16/2017
Ellen Siler 5 Mar/17/2017
Connie Byerly 30 Mar/18/2017
Janet Cazel 100 Mar/19/2017
Vicki Mudd 25 Mar/20/2017
Sue Hamilton 50 Mar/20/2017
David LAW 20 Mar/20/2017
Gwyn Gurgens 50 Mar/20/2017
Tim Gee 100 Mar/21/2017
Jessica Kent 25 Mar/21/2017
Mark Schmidt 25 Mar/24/2017
carol lehmkuhl 10 Mar/24/2017
linda yusko 25 Mar/24/2017
P.H. Broughton & Sons Inc 100 Mar/31/2017
Alicia Kuhnke 25 Apr/04/2017
Judith Engelmann 25 Apr/10/2017
Carol Hummell 25 Apr/27/2017
Sally Borcherding 25 Apr/28/2017
Jane Ehrenhart 30 Apr/28/2017
Brian Gaskin 50 Apr/28/2017
Ed and Diana Skube 25 Apr/28/2017
Anonymous 50 Apr/29/2017
Neeraj Shah 70 Apr/29/2017
Mary Lueking 10 Apr/29/2017
Stephanie Speller 25 Apr/29/2017
Rainie Iocca 25 Apr/30/2017
Laura Schemmer 50 Apr/30/2017
Sue Stoddart 50 May/01/2017
steven brown 50 May/02/2017
Paul Ribble 25 May/11/2017
Randall von Liski 200 May/12/2017
Michelle Clatfelter 50 May/13/2017
Sherrie Olson 25 May/25/2017

$1,510 Raised

$1,000 Goal