Martha Bernstein - Over the Edge Northwest Connecticut

September 16

Go Over The Edge with Martha! Why would I want to go over the edge? This is a great idea for a fundraiser to support metal health services, the arts and education important to me and to the community and a chance to join with others to challenge ourselves and have fun. On September 16 I will rappel 110 feet down Northwest Connecticut’s tallest building. I am ready but to go I need your help to raise funds for the three partnering not-for -profit organizations hosting daring event….the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council, Prime Time House and the NW Connecticut Chamber Education Fund.

Help me meet my $5000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Martha Bernstein 85 Jul/22/2017
Charles Conn 50 Aug/02/2017
Donald Bernstein 50 Aug/02/2017
Anne Dranginis 100 Aug/02/2017
Deborah and Declan Murphy 50 Aug/02/2017
Lucie Kleinhans 200 Aug/02/2017
Jackie Miller 50 Aug/02/2017
Margot Wick 50 Aug/02/2017
Merle Ginsburg 50 Aug/02/2017
Judith Stickler 75 Aug/02/2017
Barbara Newcomb 50 Aug/02/2017
susan rea 100 Aug/02/2017
Colette Boyd 50 Aug/02/2017
Emily Eisen 100 Aug/03/2017
Faye Preston 50 Aug/03/2017
Andrew Dolkart 50 Aug/03/2017
nancy ross 100 Aug/03/2017
Robert Tucker 100 Aug/03/2017
St. Anthony Parish Family 100 Aug/03/2017
ANNE DELO 50 Aug/03/2017
Anthea Disney 50 Aug/03/2017
Eddie Yim 50 Aug/03/2017
Janie McDermott 50 Aug/03/2017
Matt Karpas 100 Aug/03/2017
Jane Whitney 50 Aug/03/2017
Janet Aserkoff 100 Aug/03/2017
Wendy Story 100 Aug/04/2017
Rosemary Ripley 100 Aug/04/2017
Suzi & Jack Greenman 50 Aug/04/2017
Frank Vanoni 50 Aug/05/2017
Tina M Bernacki 50 Aug/05/2017
Diane McIntyre 50 Aug/05/2017
Daniel Sherr 140 Aug/06/2017
Martha Green 50 Aug/06/2017
kevin jennings 50 Aug/06/2017
Ellen Oneglia 50 Aug/06/2017
JOYCE BRIGGS 75 Aug/07/2017
Deborah Foord 50 Aug/07/2017
Lauren Della Monica 50 Aug/08/2017
Kenneth and Cara Blazier 100 Aug/08/2017
Joseph & Ron Montebello Leal 50 Aug/10/2017
Brian & Susan Henbry 50 Aug/12/2017
Julia Metcalf 50 Aug/14/2017
Brigid Merriman 100 Aug/14/2017
Emily Bernstein 150 Aug/14/2017
Paula Rolleston 50 Aug/14/2017
Daniel Caron 100 Aug/15/2017
Kay Carroll 50 Aug/17/2017
Frederick H. Parkin, Jr. 50 Aug/20/2017
Berta & Matt Andrulis Mette 50 Aug/23/2017
Maryanne and John McNeill and Dasher 50 Aug/23/2017
Pam Baker 300 Aug/24/2017
Robin G Willink 50 Aug/25/2017
Joyce S. Schwartz 100 Aug/28/2017
Gregory Oneglia 100 Aug/31/2017
John Newton 100 Sep/01/2017
Sharon McGavin 100 Sep/11/2017
Mary Davis 50 Sep/13/2017
Lois/Marc Shafir 100 Sep/13/2017
larry henrickson,jr. 25 Sep/13/2017
Sarah Jones 150 Sep/15/2017
Emily Bernstein 50 Sep/15/2017
Margaret Selby 100 Sep/16/2017
Nina Myers 100 Sep/17/2017
Diane Hill 50 Sep/18/2017
Anonymous 100 Sep/19/2017

$5,150 Raised

$5,000 Goal