Lisa Crofts - Over the Edge Northwest Connecticut

September 16

Go Over The Edge with Lisa! Wow! The time to go 'Over The Edge' for Prime Time House on September 16th is coming super fast now! I am at the point where I am saying, "What have I gotten myself into?!!?" Just look how high those towers are behind me! Please, help me support Prime Time House by making a donation to help reach my goal of $5,000 for the privilege of going "Over The Edge" of The Torrington Towers. I am not looking for much, just a few bucks if you can spare. The process is fast, easy, and secure if you want to donate here online or if you would prefer to donate by cash or check please contact me directly Prime Time House is an amazing organization that I fully support, and I truly appreciate any help you can provide to me in reaching this goal. Being involved with Prime Time House for the past 20+ years, I feel a sense of compassion and community when I visit the campus in Torrington, so raising money for them is a no brainer for me!! What an absolute honor it is to be a part of this fundraising adventure! To learn more about the programs at Prime Time House just follow this link: Thanks so much for your generosity and I hope you can come out and see us on September 16th!

Help me meet my $5000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Lisa Crofts 85 May/24/2017
Kathi Weinstein 25 May/25/2017
Anonymous 5 May/31/2017
Mr and Mrs Edward Bloom 50 May/31/2017
Anonymous 26 May/31/2017
Tom O'Hara 5 May/31/2017
Billy and Emily Saster 20 May/31/2017
Placido & Maria Carvalho 50 May/31/2017
Joni Beveridge & Tom Emerick 10 May/31/2017
Lisa Cohen 15 May/31/2017
Lois Lenehan & Burt Hanback 40 May/31/2017
Pari Forood 50 Jun/05/2017
Gina & Ralph D'Angelo 25 Jun/07/2017
M.E. Freeman 30 Jun/07/2017
Anonymous 5 Jun/07/2017
larry henrickson,Jr. 25 Jun/09/2017
Melanie Booth 5 Jun/14/2017
Anonymous 10 Jun/14/2017
John Tompkins 20 Jun/14/2017
Hunter Bee 20 Jun/14/2017
Rick Baker 20 Jun/14/2017
Stewart Myers 25 Jun/19/2017
Richard Marmet and Tina Ujlaki 50 Jun/19/2017
David Burnett and Jeffrey Burnell 25 Jun/19/2017
Bethaney Ralph 25 Jun/19/2017
Anonymous 5 Jun/19/2017
Anonymous 10 Jun/19/2017
Emily Soell 100 Jun/24/2017
Vanessa Breton 10 Jun/30/2017
Harold Keeler 25 Jun/30/2017
Mr & Mrs. O'Dea 30 Jun/30/2017
Bill and Roberta Willis 10 Jun/30/2017
Anonymous 5 Jun/30/2017
Betsy Smith 70 Jun/30/2017
Lisa Thibodeau 25 Jul/07/2017
Jerry Stanton 25 Jul/10/2017
Anonymous 35 Jul/10/2017
Bernadette Conway 5 Jul/10/2017
Pamela Peters & Martin Nweeia 20 Jul/10/2017
Douglas Weisman 25 Jul/10/2017
Mr & Mrs. Bob Cook 20 Jul/10/2017
Eric Korbel 40 Jul/10/2017
Mr & Mrs. Schuman 25 Jul/12/2017
Jim & Christy Devanney 25 Jul/12/2017
Mr & Mrs. Belin 50 Jul/12/2017
Stuyvensant Bearns 100 Jul/31/2017
Stephanie Koven Katz and Peter Katz 25 Jul/31/2017
Benjamin Wohlfert 2000 Aug/03/2017
john morris the cat 15 Aug/03/2017
Sophia Marcus 5 Aug/14/2017
John Slowik 25 Aug/14/2017
David & Cristin Rich 25 Aug/14/2017
Clare Rashkoff 50 Aug/14/2017
Claire Smith 25 Aug/14/2017
Mr & Mrs. Goldstein 25 Aug/14/2017
Anonymous 25 Aug/14/2017
Fran Colombo 25 Aug/14/2017
Theresa Brazee 25 Aug/14/2017
Tom Metzger 20 Aug/20/2017
Wilhelmina Eaken 25 Aug/20/2017
larry henrickson 25 Aug/24/2017
Conor Flynn 100 Aug/26/2017
Mary Bush 25 Aug/28/2017
Anonymous 4 Aug/28/2017
Mary and Kathy Loomis 25 Aug/28/2017
James P. Lopes Jr. 25 Aug/28/2017
Eileen Aherne 10 Aug/29/2017
Diane Bruno 15 Aug/29/2017
Kitty Hickcox 25 Aug/29/2017
Joe Brennan 20 Aug/29/2017
Sue Schwarz 25 Aug/29/2017
Mary Winslow 20 Aug/29/2017
Greg Riley 100 Aug/29/2017
Trudy Walter 25 Aug/29/2017
Evan Cooper 25 Aug/29/2017
Kyndall Kindred 10 Aug/29/2017
Mr and Mrs. Wagner 10 Aug/29/2017
Gene Magliano 25 Aug/29/2017
Todd Tesoro 5 Aug/29/2017
Christopher & Libby Abeel 25 Aug/29/2017
Robert Fish 25 Aug/29/2017
Robin Bell 25 Sep/10/2017
Larry & MC Stockl 25 Sep/10/2017
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bloom 50 Sep/10/2017
Ellie Owens 25 Sep/10/2017
Larry & MC Stockl 25 Sep/10/2017
Anne Dycus 25 Sep/10/2017
Mindy Belter 25 Sep/10/2017
Barbara Ardizone 25 Sep/10/2017
Susan McMullan 5 Sep/10/2017
Dr. Michael W. Klemens 50 Sep/10/2017
Scott Belter 50 Sep/11/2017
larry henrickson,jr. 25 Sep/12/2017
Dave & Erin Henrickson 50 Sep/15/2017
J.A. & C. Vlasto 25 Sep/15/2017

$4,640 Raised

$5,000 Goal