Dan Funsch - United Way of Missoula County

May 19

Go Over The Edge with Dan! Before I go over the edge, can you please give me a boost! I'm doing this to support the United Way in Missoula, an excellent group that helps many people. By supporting me (and them), you will help us reach those who need a boost the most.

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Dan Funsch 85 Apr/05/2018
Bob Tutskey 50 Apr/07/2018
Jim Parker 100 Apr/07/2018
Paul Haber 50 Apr/07/2018
Ivan Van Eerden 47.47 Apr/07/2018
Jeff Funsch 100 Apr/07/2018
Alex and John Croyle 50 Apr/07/2018
George Nickas 50 Apr/08/2018
Lee Wallace 50 Apr/08/2018
Beth Funsch 50 Apr/08/2018
Douglas Day 50 Apr/08/2018
John Paoli 50 Apr/09/2018
steve hintz 50 Apr/09/2018
Katie Dalessio 25 Apr/09/2018
Christine Funsch 50 Apr/10/2018
Cole Trusty 56 Apr/10/2018
Barbara Thomson 5 Apr/11/2018
Cory Sobin 10 Apr/13/2018
Dick Funsch 100 Apr/16/2018
Pete Talbot 50 Apr/16/2018
Adam Fleck 25 Apr/16/2018
Ric Mcleopd 25 Apr/16/2018
Jeanne Funsch 50 Apr/17/2018
Steve Alverson 100 Apr/25/2018

$1,278 Raised

$1,000 Goal