Alexandria Sobin - United Way of Missoula County

May 19

Go Over The Edge with Alexandria! Welcome to my Over the Edge fundraising page for United Way of Missoula County. All funds donated to help me go over the edge of the First Interstate Bank building on Saturday May 19th will support Missoula programs in the areas of education, income, and health. I am a science teacher at Sentinel High School in Missoula. Many of my students benefit on a daily basis from the programs and services provided by United Way of Missoula County. It is great to be fundraising to support an organization that is dedicated to keeping our donations in our community!

Help me meet my $1000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Alexandria Sobin 85 Mar/02/2018
Blaine Campbell 250 Mar/11/2018
Blayne Furey 50 Mar/15/2018
Heather Vallejo 25 Mar/15/2018
Jordan Goldsmith 25 Mar/18/2018
Nina Corelli 30 Mar/23/2018
Troy Meikle 25 Apr/13/2018
Tamara Lewis 50 Apr/24/2018
Brian Morgan 100 Apr/30/2018
Nathaniel Lengacher 50 May/04/2018
Lindsay Lee 25 May/08/2018
Holly Foster 50 May/08/2018
Victoria Campbell 25 May/08/2018
Hailey Graf 25 May/08/2018
Blaine Campbell Matching gift 250 May/10/2018
Barb & Norm Sobin 100 May/11/2018

$1,165 Raised

$1,000 Goal