Will Macfarlane - Stokes Nature Center and Common Ground Outdoor Adventures

August 08

Go Over The Edge with Will! My name is Will Macfarlane. I'm 9 years old and I love the outdoors! I want to go 'Over the Edge' on August 8th to raise money for two non-profits in my community that I care about. Common Ground Outdoor Adventures helps people with disabilities get out and enjoy the things I love like skiing, camping, and whitewater rafting/kayaking. I watch the work my mom Sammie Macfarlane does everyday as the Executive Director and I am passionate about bringing joy to people's lives and supporting her hard work. Stokes Nature Center is an awesome non-profit that has taught me to flyfish and learn about the natural world where I live. I go to their summer camps and feel passionate about the work they do. Please help me meet my $1,500 goal by donating and sharing this with your friends and family. You can learn more about the event and sign up to go over the edge too at www.otecwe.com/logan

Help me meet my $1500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Will Macfarlane 85 Apr/08/2018
Nicholas Gottlieb 10 Apr/08/2018
Todd Sherman 50 Apr/08/2018
Todd Sherman 50 Apr/08/2018
Jette Youngblood 25 Apr/11/2018
Karen and Richard Macfarlane 25 Apr/13/2018
Jesse Logan 10 Apr/14/2018
Susan Doucette 50 Apr/21/2018
Cristi Vernon 25 May/03/2018
Annie Kent 25 Jun/08/2018
William Kent 50 Jun/08/2018
Vonda Jump Norman 50 Jun/08/2018
Anonymous 250 Jun/09/2018
Sammy and My Tram 10 Jun/12/2018
Howard kent 200 Jun/20/2018

$915 Raised

$1,500 Goal