Mark Donahue - Tri County United Way

June 17

Go Over The Edge with Mark ! Welcome to the fundraising page set up to Toss our Boss, Mark Donahue, President/CEO of Community, Work & Independence, Inc. over the edge! (He is also well-known as lead organizer of the Adirondack Balloon Festival) Help us support the Tri-County United Way by making a donation to help reach the goal of $2000. The process is fast, easy & secure. We truly appreciate any support you can provide. The Tri-County United Way is a great organization that Mark fully supports. If you can't make a donation at this point, help us reach our goal of getting Mark over the edge by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter. Or, even better, send an email to friends who might be interested in contributing and send a link to this page. Thanks so much for your generosity in helping us Toss our Boss.

Help me meet my $2000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Mark Donahue 85 Apr/25/2017
0 Apr/25/2017
Karl Smoczynski 50 Apr/25/2017
Julie Leonelli 50 Apr/25/2017
Cynthia Borozny 50 Apr/26/2017
Rick & Pam Tinkham 50 Apr/26/2017
Sally Hawley 50 Apr/26/2017
Brian & Valerie Dalrymple 50 Apr/26/2017
Andy Collins 50 Apr/26/2017
Kurt Moser 75 Apr/26/2017
Linda Dickie 25 May/01/2017
Erin Dashnaw 25 May/10/2017
Mike Homenick 75 May/15/2017
Amy Macy 50 May/17/2017
Harriet Bush 50 May/18/2017
Lucy 5 May/19/2017
Michael Dee 7.5 May/19/2017
Adam Shroyer 3.5 May/19/2017
Steve Bush 50 May/21/2017
John Olsen 100 May/24/2017
John Schutze 25 May/24/2017
Jane Kana 25 May/25/2017
Deb Rowell (balance) 35 May/26/2017
Kim Sopczyk 25 May/27/2017
Ken Clarke 5 May/31/2017
Midtown Cafe 265 Jun/01/2017
Joseph Schwerman 150 Jun/05/2017
Karl Smoczynski 25 Jun/06/2017
Kathie Duncan 100 Jun/08/2017
The Bouchers 40 Jun/09/2017
Everts, Destinations & Communitym Helpers 35 Jun/09/2017
David Kaiser 100 Jun/09/2017
Laurie & Scott Wetsel 50 Jun/09/2017
Kelly Smith 25 Jun/09/2017
Kate Austin-Avon 25 Jun/10/2017
Kurt Moser 170 Jun/12/2017
Community Helpers DH 32 Jun/13/2017
Destinations DH 14 Jun/13/2017
ADK Balloon PIlots 145 Jun/14/2017
Lisa Hayes 50 Jun/15/2017
Anonymous 183 Jun/16/2017
New Journeys Sponge Event 144.61 Jun/16/2017
ADK Balloon PILOTS II 65 Jun/16/2017

$2,635 Raised

$2,000 Goal