Kaitlyn Smoke - Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent

June 23

Go Over The Edge with Kaitlyn! Welcome to my fundraising page as I prepare to go Over The Edge on June 23rd! Help me support the Children's Treatment Centre Foundation by making a donation to help me reach my goal of now $2,000. I am trying to double my original goal with the month left before the event! CTC is a wonderful resource in our community, and I am always so proud to support such an amazing cause through both volunteering with their programs to helping fundraise with events like these! My passion lies in helping children with special needs reach their full potential, and that is what the CTC always has strived to do. My older sister was a client of the CTC for 21 years, and even though she is now 25, the CTC still holds and always will have a special place in my family's heart. If you can't make a donation at this point, help me reach my goal by sharing this page on social media! Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page! Thanks so much for your generosity! Always remember that YOU have the power to make a difference!! 😊

Help me meet my $2000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Kaitlyn Smoke 85 May/25/2018
Claudette Meriano 25 May/26/2018
Jacqueline Brown 25 May/26/2018
Trina Hart 25 May/27/2018
GuyAnne Smoke 100 May/28/2018
Natalie Skelton 25 May/29/2018
Rosaire Tetrault 50 May/29/2018
Hannah Yaghmaei 15 May/29/2018
Jenny Tetrault 25 May/29/2018
Maeghan Patrick 100 May/30/2018
Charity Walker 25 May/30/2018
Deb Langham 10 May/31/2018
Christina Skelton 10 May/31/2018
Terry Smoke 20 May/31/2018
Maurice Rossignol 50 May/31/2018
Anne Marie Rossignol 100 May/31/2018
Gisele Rossignol Mongeau 20 May/31/2018
Yvette Robert 20 May/31/2018
Sandie Alward 20 May/31/2018
AJ Bornais 20 May/31/2018
Karla Cogghe 10 May/31/2018
Colleen Luyt 10 May/31/2018
Randy Gray 10 May/31/2018
Sue Demers 10 May/31/2018
Jason Gabriel 5 May/31/2018
Joe Dubuque 5 May/31/2018
Harold Ludschuweit 20 May/31/2018
Norm McLeod 20 May/31/2018
Terri Lapointe 20 May/31/2018
Renee WIlson 10 May/31/2018
Joanne Wright 5 May/31/2018
Carolyn Odette 5 May/31/2018
Leanne Burr 20 May/31/2018
Derek Blackburn 20 May/31/2018
Suzanne Hoekstra 20 May/31/2018
Krista Murray 25 May/31/2018
Gloria Pinsonneault 20 May/31/2018
Terri-Lyn Hughes 10 May/31/2018
Rachelle Patterson 20 May/31/2018
Brian Jordan 20 May/31/2018
Karen Joyce-Joy 5 May/31/2018
Vera Whiteye 5 May/31/2018
Jessica Dietrich 10 May/31/2018
Paul Lamarsh 10 May/31/2018
Rebecca Bellamy 5 May/31/2018
Lyle Gall 10 May/31/2018
Jill Bradley 10 May/31/2018
Jason Kovacic 5 May/31/2018
Sarah Armstrong-Baribeau 5 May/31/2018
Michelle Dugal 5 May/31/2018
Bryan & Melanie Lozon 100 Jun/01/2018
Natalie Patrick 20 Jun/01/2018
Suzanne Belanger 20 Jun/02/2018
Johanne Perreault 25 Jun/02/2018
Mike Giroux 25 Jun/03/2018
Alyson Smoke 25 Jun/04/2018
Sean Dantas 25 Jun/04/2018
Monica Sawatzky 25 Jun/09/2018
Maple City Electric 250 Jun/11/2018
Krista Marchand 20 Jun/12/2018
Trish Giles 20 Jun/12/2018
Amanda Masse 20 Jun/12/2018
Neil Wood 10 Jun/12/2018
Jen Green 10 Jun/12/2018
Jeni Powell 20 Jun/12/2018
Romeo Lozon 20 Jun/12/2018
Dave Kobylka 20 Jun/12/2018
Hungry Man's Restaurant . 50 Jun/12/2018
Pina Elves 10 Jun/12/2018
Scott Edmundson 20 Jun/12/2018
Karen Taelman 20 Jun/12/2018
Larry St.Pierre 40 Jun/12/2018
Jaymie Waddick 50 Jun/12/2018
Kelly Waddick 20 Jun/12/2018
Aldeo Rossignol 5 Jun/13/2018
Annette Turmel 5 Jun/13/2018
Cecile Baribeau 5 Jun/13/2018
Cyndie Rossignol 10 Jun/13/2018
Dave Faubert 20 Jun/13/2018
Edgar Perreault 10 Jun/13/2018
Jane Gander 20 Jun/13/2018
Julia Beaulieu 5 Jun/13/2018
Jennifer Stewart 10 Jun/13/2018
Keith Houle 20 Jun/13/2018
Ken Melnyk 10 Jun/13/2018
Linda Bechard 40 Jun/13/2018
Paul Bechard 10 Jun/13/2018
Rolande Perreault 10 Jun/13/2018
Shaun Dick 20 Jun/13/2018
Stan Sedlacek 10 Jun/13/2018
Stew Kelly 20 Jun/13/2018
Tom Bechard 20 Jun/13/2018
Nadine Pigeon 40 Jun/18/2018
Tammy Carberry 10 Jun/18/2018
Shelley Smoke 10 Jun/19/2018
Craig Shreve 50 Jun/19/2018
Joseph Picard 50 Jun/19/2018
Tina Zinck 10 Jun/20/2018
Jacqueline Lozon 20 Jun/20/2018
Dwayne Lovell 20 Jun/20/2018
Jason Pye 20 Jun/20/2018
Leigh Edwards 20 Jun/20/2018
Fred Smids 20 Jun/20/2018
Ed Makki 10 Jun/20/2018
Bonnie Stallon 10 Jun/20/2018
Amanda . 20 Jun/20/2018
Terrylyn Carron 20 Jun/20/2018
Jake St-Jean 20 Jun/20/2018
Pain Court Market Junie and Gord Myers 50 Jun/20/2018
South Buxton Raceway . 10 Jun/20/2018
Frank Letourneau 100 Jun/20/2018
Larry Wright 50 Jun/20/2018
Grand West Health Services . 50 Jun/20/2018
Lucille Raymond 20 Jun/20/2018
Jean Paul Gagnier 25 Jun/20/2018
Ben Blonde 20 Jun/21/2018
Mike Goodison 50 Jun/21/2018
James Mailloux 20 Jun/21/2018
Lyle Charrette 20 Jun/21/2018
Julia Beaulieu 5 Jun/21/2018
Valda Lavoie 20 Jun/21/2018
Louise Aitken 25 Jun/22/2018
Margret Butler 100 Jun/25/2018
Joanna Vaughan 30 Jun/25/2018
Joe Dubuque 20 Jun/25/2018

$3,205 Raised

$2,000 Goal