Jim Hogan - Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent

June 23

Go Over The Edge with Jim! Welcome to my fundraising page as I prepare to go Over The Edge on June 23, 2018. I really struggle with heights and for me to take part in this fundraiser it must be for a good cause. The Children's Treatment Center of Chatham-Kent requires a new building to provide the much needed services for our children. The needs continue to grow in Chatham-Kent and we need to give our children the best start they possibly can receive. The Children's Treatment Center is strongly supported by Entegrus as we have had individuals volunteer on their Board and in many of their fundraising efforts. The services that are provided have been used by many of our employees' families. Any support you can provide will make a difference for the children of Chatham-Kent. Thank you for your consideration.

Help me meet my $2500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Jim Hogan 85 Apr/12/2018
Bonnie Stover 50 Apr/30/2018
Claudette Belanger 50 Apr/30/2018
Justine Janssen 100 Apr/30/2018
Richard Wathy 100 Apr/30/2018
Ana Couto 50 Apr/30/2018
Hugh Bridgen 250 Apr/30/2018
Marcia Mallia 50 May/01/2018
Scott Praill 100 May/01/2018
Tracy Manso 50 May/01/2018
Owen Hogan 25 May/01/2018
Mike Steeper 100 May/01/2018
Ryan McKim 50 May/02/2018
Karey Hogan 115 May/02/2018
Margaret Corbett 50 May/03/2018
Jessie & Danielle Hubley 69 May/03/2018
Pam Winik 50 May/04/2018
Richard Tofflemire 50 May/05/2018
Erika Walker 50 May/08/2018
Anonymous 500 May/08/2018
Tomo Matesic 100 May/12/2018
Debbie Inwood 25 May/12/2018
Darwin Harasym 50 May/12/2018
Rita Vassallo -hunt 25 May/12/2018
Bob&Anne Holding 50 May/12/2018
Crystal Hartung 25 May/12/2018
Derek Nardone 50 May/17/2018
Justin Rangooni 50 May/17/2018
Patrick McMahon 100 May/25/2018
Cherie Kavanaugh 45 May/27/2018
Kathy Doyscher 25 May/31/2018
Garnet Kavanaugh 40 May/31/2018
Teresa Sarkesian 50 Jun/14/2018
Entegrus Strathroy Office 110 Jun/20/2018
Chris Cowell 100 Jun/23/2018

$2,789 Raised

$2,500 Goal