Greg Davenport - Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent

June 23

Go Over The Edge with Greg! Let's do the STUFF that matters in Chatham - Kent ! Especially for Kids! I'll Edge if your willing to consider to Pledge, Deal? Thank You for visiting my fundraising page as I " NERVOUSLY" prepare to go over the Edge on June 23rd. I'm willing to rappel down The Holiday Inn Express Hotel in order to raise funds for the much needed NEW CHILDREN'S TREATMENT CENTRE. Please ... help me support this very worthy cause. The process is fast, easy and secure. I greatly appreciate any support you can provide. If you can't make a donation at this point help me reach my goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter!!! or even better, send an -email to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page! Thank you again for your consideration and generosity. I

Help me meet my $2500 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Greg Davenport 85 May/03/2018
Christine Davenport 250 Jun/06/2018
Sandra Perkins 50 Jun/07/2018
Liane Strus 100 Jun/07/2018
Alexandra Wright 25 Jun/07/2018
Karen Trudeau 100 Jun/07/2018
Grant Williams 100 Jun/07/2018
Shelley Bechard 100 Jun/08/2018
Stacey D’Agostin 50 Jun/08/2018
Lori Gall 50 Jun/08/2018
Sheila Balkwill 50 Jun/08/2018
Geza Tormasi 100 Jun/08/2018
Jennifer Cordeiro 50 Jun/08/2018
doug moran 50 Jun/08/2018
Becky Bechard 25 Jun/08/2018
Harry & Ruth Haddock 100 Jun/08/2018
Peter Yuan 100 Jun/08/2018
Wendy Fairbairn 100 Jun/09/2018
Rob & Thelma Moesker 50 Jun/11/2018
Jim Costello 100 Jun/11/2018
Katherine Smith 100 Jun/11/2018
Jeffrey Young 50 Jun/11/2018
Sheila Halls 100 Jun/11/2018
Kaitlin Browning 35 Jun/11/2018
Derek & Brittany White 80 Jun/12/2018
Gill Luciw 25 Jun/12/2018
Leanne Beattie 50 Jun/12/2018
Sean Hunt 100 Jun/13/2018
John & Glynis Atkinson 50 Jun/13/2018
C.I. Investments 250 Jun/13/2018
Don Harris 100 Jun/14/2018
Theresa King 100 Jun/14/2018
Susan Davenport 200 Jun/15/2018
Erica Brophy 50 Jun/15/2018
Anonymous 20 Jun/19/2018
Debra Demarce 50 Jun/19/2018
Jim Russell 50 Jun/20/2018
Mike Hoekstra 25 Jun/20/2018
Anonymous 25 Jun/22/2018
Brian Weber 50 Jun/22/2018
Rick Kelly 50 Jun/22/2018
Angie Barrese 50 Jun/22/2018
Ken Lewis 20 Jun/23/2018
Kelly Ruddock 50 Jul/08/2018
John Wood 25 Jul/16/2018

$3,340 Raised

$2,500 Goal