Tony & Kristin Waller - Children First

March 18

Go Over The Edge with Tony & Kristin! Neither Tony nor I want to repel off of a building, but Children First is an organization that does so much good in the areas surrounding Clarke and Oconee Counties to serve the needs of children and families involved with the foster care system that we feel driven to participate. Since we couldn't decide who would 'go over the edge' we decided to make it a competition and let your donations decide. If the donations received begin with an odd number, Kristin will go over the edge, if the first number is even, then Tony will.

Help me meet my $4000 goal!


First Name Last Name Amount Date
Tony & Kristin Waller 85 Feb/02/2017
Anonymous 50 Feb/06/2017
Elizabeth Benton 25 Feb/09/2017
Kathleen Totten 50 Feb/09/2017
Tayler Neumann 15 Feb/10/2017
ralph stephens 25 Feb/12/2017
Russ Fortson 25 Feb/15/2017
Paul & Carol Kurtz 100 Feb/15/2017
Jane Ellison 50 Feb/17/2017
Rachel Pless 25 Feb/18/2017
Joey Barronton 25 Feb/23/2017
Scott Frary 25 Mar/01/2017
Anne Thomson 50 Mar/01/2017
Happy Bday 100 Mar/08/2017
Lisa Hardigree 20 Mar/10/2017
Deidra Schad 30 Mar/10/2017
Bill and Karin Haynes 100 Mar/10/2017
steven williams 40 Mar/10/2017
Trevin Bernarding 25 Mar/17/2017
Jane Chappell 250 Mar/17/2017
Tina and Jasen Williams 100 Mar/17/2017

$1,215 Raised

$4,000 Goal